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Your Support is Crucial
Our work could not be done without your support. That's why donors are vital to Young Life at the local area and regional levels. Because Young Life areas are financially supported solely at the local level, donor's financial gifts account for all of an area's budget and part of a region's budget. 

Your contribution will...
  • help areas hire and train staff  
  • provide essential administrative support to the area
  • support operating expenses such as salaries and other ministry costs
  • help send kids to Young Life camp

You can give online (see links to the right) or by mailing your check to:
Young Life's Western Great Lakes Region
PO Box 2533
Holland, MI 49422

From the Desk of the Regional Director...
I ask my self from time to time, "How can we tell our Young Life story in such a way that it causes someone to want to give?" Our story is about peoplethe kids in our community. We are passionate about building relationships with disinterested and needy kids.
If only we could show you the hunger we see in kids' eyes to have caring adults in their lives. If only we could capture the sound bites of kids struggling to find their place. If only we had a TV show that presented the cries of loneliness and desire for deep, caring relationships, and ultimately a deep desire for God. If we could show the world of middle school and high school kids and how we address these needs every day it would surely result in an outpouring of support.

Young Life finances are a continual need. We don't have a capital campaign for a building, because we don't have a building. We go to where kids are. Most of our financial needs are simply meeting the area and regional budgets, which include salaries for our full- and part-time staff, along with office and administrative costs.

We believe that in order to reach kids we must go where they go and enter their world. Every week Young Life staff and volunteers can be found at school events and practices and at kids' favorite hangouts. In many cases, they are the only adult friends kids have in their lives. Our work could not be done without your support. 

We are grateful for your gift to Young Life and all you do to help us reach generations of kids who desperately need to hear a message of hope!

May God richly bless all you do for His Kingdom,
Chris Theule-VanDam
Regional Director

Young Life Western Great Lakes Reg | PO Box 2533 Holland, MI 49422-2533

Phone: 616-446-7733

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