Regional Student Staff Training Program

We provide effective, in-depth training and increase the effectiveness of your local area in reaching kids. We are partners in the process of recruiting and raising up great team leaders and future Young Life staff.
Suggested Student Staff Timeline
Spring—Identify the leaders you feel strongly about participating in the Student Staff Program for the following year. Encourage them to attend the division student staff weekend to get a taste of what student staff is all about and continue the conversations after the weekend.
Summer—Confirm the leaders commitment to be a part of the program and work through the fundraising process if they choose to raise money. The best situation is that they would raise their money in the summer so that they would not have to spend the time doing this during the school year, and then they can get paid starting in September.

Fall & Winter—Meet with and encourage your current student staffers.

Program Goals
  • Identify and invest in potential Young Life staff and team leaders (Interns, church partners, teacher staff, mission staff, etc.
  • Equip those identified to grow in their spiritual leadership, ministry leadership, life management, and ministry management competencies.
How to Identify Student Staff
Area directors and/or direct ministry supervisors identify those college-age leaders who are already doing excellent work with kids in their local area. Each potential student staff should have completed the area’s leadership training program and done direct ministry at a middle school or high school for at least one school year before joining the program. Exceptions may occur upon request and recommendation of an area director.
How to Invest in Student Staff
We recommend that each student staffer has a “mentor” to connect with. If they are the team leader then this person should have regular times with the area director (once per week during the school year is suggested). If the student staffer is not the team leader then someone else might be appropriate for him/her to meet with. The purpose of this time will be to check in and ask questions about their ministry, listen, go over student staff assignments with them, encouragement, ask how you can help, give advise and pray for the student staffer. 

Josh DeHaan and Ryan Elders are our Regional Student Staff Trainers. Contact them for more information. 

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